• Asha Mehta

Don't face it alone, ask for help

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Since I was diagnosed with a rare cancer (RIAS) in February 2018, my husband, children and I were blessed with a wonderful network of friends and family members who met our logistical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Being very independent I had not realised how important it was to have support from all who really cared for me.

As soon as the date for the surgery was decided my family and friends planned how they were going to help us. My two sons and daughter in law prepared a schedule of how and who would be there for me and my husband. They communicated with all , from doctors, nurses to family members and made sure that we were not bothered at any time.

It was difficult for me to connect with all and there were times when assumptions were made rather then listening and responding.

I thank everyone who showed a genuine interest in understanding what I was going through and it will go a long way in helping me feel loved and supported.

There is no harm in seeking help from a loved one or friend, in fact it will do good and will help in recovering.

One of the greatest needs of a cancer fighter is to know that she’s not alone

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